Why Dog Walking Services are Important

Questions answered from a Certified Pet Sitter, Dog Walker

What would I have liked to know before I started pet sitting?

That big dogs can be easier to walk than little dogs

What is the biggest advantage to having a dog walker?

Caring company, they learn more from other with more types of training for your dog,

Does Your Dog Need Walking?

In your opinion, how can an owner differentiate a good dog walker from a bad dog walker?

What do you think is the main warning sign for recognizing a bad dog walker?

No enthusiasm for your pet or from your pet upon meeting

What are the main questions that a dog owner should ask in order to make the right choice of dog walker?

Do you have references? What type of dogs have you walked?

In the field of dog walking, WHO is your main reference, influence or role model? And why?

Cesar Milan, he has great advise that works with my packs

What would you like to have known when you started walking dogs?

That big dogs can be easier to walk than little dogs

As an expert, if you were to give only one piece of advice to a dog owner, what would it be?

Microchip and tag them right away

From your experience, what are the main mistakes made by dog owners when they walk their own animal?

They walk leisurely and let the dog control the walk.

What do you do if a dog is not trained for walking?

Request the owner provide treats to be given to the dog to enhance the training of good dog walking

Even if an owner already walks their dog, are there still advantages in working with a dog walker?

Professional dog walkers can enhance the training of good dog walking

What are the challenges of dog walking?

Other loose animals, dogs not trained to walk may have anxiety with other people or animals

According to you, what are the accessories or equipment required for walking a dog?

Collar, tags, leash, water bottle and portable bowl. Harness when desired by owner or the need of the dog

What are the things you use that make all the difference for you?

A dual or triple lead leash

In your opinion, are there behaviors in a dog that could prevent the use of dog walking services?

Aggression toward people or other animals, Constant jumping

Why do you recommend dog walking services?

You get to go out and see the world. Your dog on the other hand is most likely climbing the walls bored. And make no mistake, dogs do get bored. Like us dogs are curious and very social creatures. Ever seen a dog when he or she is out on a walk? To them it is an incredible adventure. A million things to smell and see. A dog walking service can be a tour guide for your pooch to this world of wonder.

Could you explain to our readers some aspects of your work that will help them understand the importance of working with a dog walker (e.g. your preparation or training, etc.)?

As a certified pet sitter I believe the importance of someone with the knowledge and experience to work with your dog is very important. Your dog walker should have a good working knowledge of how to handle unusual situations on the fly. You are going out in the world and unexpected things happen.

Do you have a story to share that has particularly touched you and shows all the benefits that a good walker can bring to an animal and its owner?

A family headed out for a weeks’ vacation. They left their 2 dogs in my care.
One dog, a Labrador was very sweet, he loved to be walked, and also loved to be petted a lot.
The other dog, a female Miniature Poodle, loved to tear things apart and dig. One day while in the backyard, she got out. She dug under the gate and in the process got covered in mud. I immediately went to their home. Both dogs were muddy, though the Labrador just had muddy paws. I got them cleaned up, dried off and out for a long walk.
When dogs are use to having people around all the time to entertain them, it is a bit hard on them and the get bored and do things they normally would not do. Dog walking can help relieve the boredom and get them some needed exercise.

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