Pet Sitting

Why would you need a pet sitter?  It’s very simple.  If you own a pet, you view them as more than an animal.  They are a  member of your family.

Pet Sitting: Why Do You Need it?

A lot of animals are social creatures, just like we are.  A dog has no concept of time.  She doesn’t know that when you’re leaving for work you’ll be back.  To her, she merely focuses on the fact that  you’re leaving.  A pet sitting service feeds and waters your pets, and gives them any medications that they may need until you get home.

We will visit as frequently as you wish. Pet sitting is more than just four legged babysitting though.  We also ensure a continuous temperature for your house as some level of climate control is important to keep your pets comfortable. After all, Texas can be hot and dogs and cats have fur coats.

How Do I Hire a Pet Sitting Service in Chandler, Arizona?

It’s a good idea to arrange a consultation with your pet sitter first.  Make a list of your needs, and talk with the service.  Get all of your questions answered, and show them around.  Give detailed instructions on how to care for your pets.  It’s also best to do it at least 48 hours in advance of the service request.  Each pet is different, and has different care needs.  For example, dogs do well with multiple visits and cats usually need just one.  A mature dog will need more care than a puppy or young dog. Maybe your dog just needs a quick restroom break in the afternoon, or maybe your cat needs medicine supplements.

Whatever the need, a professional sitter for your pets will have the experience to know what to do.  They should be attentive to you and your pet, and you should feel at ease.  When you are dealing with a service, also make sure that all business is completed before you take off.  You don’t want any hitches with your plans.

You can’t be there all the time.  Sometimes you have to go out of town, and sometimes you have a longer than average workday.  Life can pull you a lot of different ways, and can cause your pets undue anxiety.  Give your pets every break you can while you’re away.  Get a dog sitter today and keep them a healthy and happy member of your family.

If you’re looking for a professional pet sitting service in Chandler, Arizona, call A to Z House & Pet Sitting today at 817-901-1009.

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