House Sitting

House sitting serves an important purpose, particularly for busy people. Let’s face it, sometimes you can’t be everywhere at once. If you have a job that takes you out of town, or have multiple homes, you need someone to watch over and protect your home.

Home Sitting Services for Vacant or Unoccupied Homes

Getting someone vigilant is important. By doing so you can reduce the risk of vandalism to your unoccupied home. Studies have shown that homes that are unoccupied are 70-80% more likely to be vandalized or burglarized than homes with at least one person present. Your home has quite a few access points that are for your convenience, but to a burglar or a vandal, are a means to an end.  Unlocked doors and windows are the easiest ways for someone to gain access to your property.

Get a House Sitting Service to Protect Your Home

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However, locked doors and windows are not a cure-all.  An alarm system is nice, but law enforcement authorities often get dozens of automated alarm calls every year, and they are low priority.  To reduce your chances for losses by intruders, call in a professional house sitting service.  Such services can also protect  your home in Chandler, Arizona from other potential catastrophes such as water damage from frozen pipes, and from fire.

A to Z House & Pet Sitting can check on your home regularly. Without regular checking by a house sitter, the damage can be thousands of dollars.

House Sitting Reduces the Risk of Theft to Vacant Property

Your property is an asset and thieves look at it that way too. Or more accurately, they view it the way a pirate views a ship, namely what they can get for raiding it.  Copper plumbing, light fixtures, appliances, HVAC systems, and even solid wood doors and mantles have street value to thieves. Without a professional house-sitter, your property can be destroyed in the span of several weeks, and once people start coming into the home, activity only increases. When thieves come to steal anything of,  the value of the item is lost, but the damage thieves do while pilfering items is very substantial and very expensive.

As to what a house sitting service like ours can do for you, that’s an easy one.  We can visit your home daily, picking up any papers or mail, and we check the house over, thoroughly.  We make sure your doors and windows are locked and secured, and that all blinds and drapes are closed.  We even park a vehicle in your driveway to make the home look occupied.

Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security.    Nothing can deter criminals more than someone simply being there, like a professional house sitting service.

A to Z House & Pet Sitting is a professional services company that offers house sitting, pet sitting,  and more.  Call us today and let A to Z show  you what we can do to make your life a bit easier.

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